Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dah habis..AlhamduliLlaah

BismiLlaahi Wal HamduliLlaah..

I have just finished my end block exam for this 2nd block of my study in medicine. Hopefully my result will be better than my previous block. As a Muslim, i should improve my performance in daily life for every aspects that involve in my routine; family management, academic study, Quranic memorization, religious works, etc.

I am going to have the break for 10 days, starting tomorrow till 19 january. Just two days after the by-election for P.36, kuala terengganu. Actually, finishing exam does not meaning that i have finished everything. As a doctor-to-be, i have to use all the knowledges given in the lectures to be implemented in my future profession. Anything that i did not understand should be read again. If not, it will be a problem to me. Can you imagine, if you consult a doctor, then that doctor say to you, "i am sorry, i forgot this part of disease, so i do not know how to give the treatment for you". It is shameful right.

Thus, i hope, i can be more motivated and proacrive to cover anything that i do not understood before. Pray for me.

Lastly, thanks for all my visitors that always read my articles or anything. InsyaAllah all of these are beneficial to you and me.



AzM@d said...

All the best b.imran! Im sure you can do it! Lets pray to Allah for our success....

Aizuddin said...

Bace blk ape yang dah blaja. lupe pulak nak masukkan dalam 'list to do'.. haha