Saturday, November 22, 2008

You Better Than Us?..

BismiLllahi Wal HamduliLlaahi..

When i was elected to be given the responsible of being an asst. batch leader of our Medical Batch-12 students' organization. Thus, said to all my friends that it doesn't meant i'm better than them. Everyone of us has our own strength and weakness. Maybe i've something to be contributed to my friends in the asst. batch leader post, i don't have ability to manage entrepreneuer bureau as i lack of skills and knowledge for that post. Nobody is perfect. The most important thing is, we need to respect each other.

In the tazkirah session on last tuesday, i was again stressing the point that i'm not better than you if i give tazkirah in front. Giving tazkirah doesn't mean that i've done everything. It is just a reminder for me and my friends. Do we need to wait till we have succesfully done everything before we are qualified to give tazkirah? If so, nobody will give tazkirah and everybody will be far from our true life as a Muslim. I had stressed to them about the importance of tazkirah in our life.

I still remember the advice of my friend. He is studying in Madrasah Kubang Bujuk. He said, we give tazkirah not because we have done everything, but we want to done and get everything that we are able to. For example, we talk about the benefits of Qiyamullail, not because we have successfully make it as our routine but we want to make it as a routine, that's why we talk about it. I think, all of you have this experience: Anything that you always talk about, you will always remember it for a long time and it increases your effort to do or get it.

So, don't worry to give tazkirah and don't blame those who give tazkirah if you find something lack with their attitude. Maybe he/she still struggle to build the best attitude. Pray for each others, stay husnudzon.