Saturday, November 15, 2008

We; Beggars That Leave Our Billions Dollar Behind..

Bismillahi Wal HamduliLlaah..

Today i just have a lecture on Crisis of Knowledge within Muslim ummah, given by a professor from Universiti Brunei Darussalam; Prof. Dr. Omar Hassan Kasule Sr. MB ChB (MUK), MPH (Harvard), DrPH (Harvard)

I was very impressed with an assimilation that he made about the reality of our Muslim nowadays. He said, " we such a beggar that always hope to be given some money to continue our life. However, when someone come to him and remind him that he actually has billions of money in his bank account, he just seat there and want to continue begging for help from others". Why he make that kind of assimilation is, to give us a picture about our Muslim ummah clearly and easily understood.

Our ummah nowadays are still far behind those western civilization and Muslims always think, discuss and try to find the best solution for this problems. However, when Islamic scholars told us that we actually have the best solution in Quran and Hadith, Muslims still want to be like what we are now. Very difficult to accept that we actually do not follow Quran and Hadith hollistically. And also very difficult to accept that all solution to revive our ummah is already stated in Quran and Hadith. And also very difficult to accept that all solutions in Quran and Hadith had been proven by our previous civilization.

That is why Prof. Omar make such example of beggar representing our Muslim attitude nowadays. We are still adopt secularists belief and method in our Muslim ummah. When ulama' give advise, we tend to reject them and label them as extremists and traditional Muslim, not modern and et cetera. Actually, their advices is just to remind the 'beggar' that he actually has been given billions, but sadly, the 'beggar' do not want to accept the truth. Poor fellow.



M@jiD said...

I guess it is true what has been described by prof Omar.But then how many people i mean in this university (our university itself)thinks about it...

Last morning,i think all of us were thinking to go back..few were listened.Maybe reconstruction needed in our batch itself....


abu 'iffah said...

yes,you are right..